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The term skyscraper (skyscraper) was used in the eighteenth century to denote the columns of high English ships. Since the beginning of the twentieth century and throughout the modern era and contemporary, the term skyscraper refers to a particular type of buildings, the highest construction designed by humans: the modern structure of the metal tower

The skyscraper height of any building more than 100 meters. However, not only to measure the height in meters, is usually considered skyscrapers rise buildings exceeding 15 storeys. Premises of this definition exist (even in large quantities) in most cities in the world, and for this reason a number of the leading architects of the International Council of Architecture ( World Federation of Towers high-rise - World Federation of Great Towers) to give more of a distinction between buildings with several floors and skyscrapers the real (which is still very few in the world).
Building Insurance House the first skyscraper in the world

The industrial revolution and the introduction of machinery led to the construction of high towers of stone, glass and steel on the island of Manhattan in New York City. Then the height of these buildings to hundreds of meters (the equivalent of 100 floors), such as AMP and Bldnk World Trade Center towers.

Beginning in 1920 in New York , started a real competition involving hundreds of finance companies, and thousands of people between the architects and professionals to pay tribute to the highest building in the world.

This competition is not over rises at the end of World War II , after twenty years, culminating in the line of work and moved from the center of the city (full of buildings) to the financial market in the southern tip of Manhattan (Lower Manhattan). Here between 1966 and 1973 was built the Twin Towers: World Trade Center . Because of the introduction of modern means of communication (mobile phones and the Internet), major companies in the twentieth century, lost their focus for the staff and offices in one place. But today in the Far East, especially China and Hong Kong hails super skyscrapers to celebrate the wealth and technological development achieved by the Beijing government.

Island skyscrapers

At the beginning of the twentieth century, over the years stretching from 1920 to 1940 were built in the middle of several Manhattan skyscrapers. Before the lapse of a short, in the time when the world was Etjha about World War II, the main island in New York has become one of the most prominent centers of science and technology.

Of the most important buildings built at that time in Manhattan, were: the Chrysler Building (1931.319 meters, and 77-storey building Tschannen (1920.215 meters, 44 floors), and building GE (1931.270 meters, and 70 floor, and the Empire State Building (1931.381 meters 0.102 floor).

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