What is an Arab?  You can say a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and the surrounding territories who speaks Arabic language and who lives in the Middle East and northern Africa.

# Arabian: a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

History of Arab

Wrote many of the genealogists and history of Arab origin have been lots of words and conflicting consensus, especially among the old and the modern reliance on applicants on the books blog. In some modern to ancient monuments that excavated them in the ground and where that is fruitless exploration in the Arabian Peninsula in particular was not until the day in the Empty Quarter with Desert Dunes, bringing accreditation in respect of the affairs of the Arabs certainly on the books blog. Because he did not deny the validity of what we Guerin history books and genealogy of my continued Arabs divided and contains the testimony of many of them have summed up what comes after considerable effort, and examined accurate.

The Origins of Arabs

The origins of the Arabs to Sam son of Noah, peace be upon him and was their home before that inhabit the island Views Iraq and then group them fled to the island to be located to the west of Iraq South was called the sons of Sam displaced to them (Arabs) because any Western character Ghayn Lexical was missing from the Semitic language They were utter garbage instead of an eye Ghayn Lexical and put their position and then fired on from the drainage of the sons of Sam. The name of the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula, the island then called on their behalf.

Which they fled (back) and their home was now called Dunes Desert Dunes, located in the southern part of the island. (And Thamood) and their home villages of stone and the valley between the Hijaz and the Levant, now called Bmdain favor of reality in the northern part of the island. And (TaSeenMeem
(F) Agdis), their home and dove in the heart of the island, Bahrain named. Now Hasa, located in the eastern part of the island on the Persian Gulf and (Amalek), and their homes Amman, located in the eastern section south of the island.
Jorjani said: The children of Amalek Ruled Egypt, including the Pharaoh of Abraham, Joseph and Pharaoh, Moses and Pharaoh. And (Amim) and treated sand between their homes and Shahr-Yamamah, and now called Empty Quarter. And (gone off), and their home mountain pass near the city. And (Abdel Djim),
Their homes and Taif. And (attended) and their home Rass, and the Chaldeans, Ibn Khaldun in its history: they were of the class that before Noah, peace be upon him, they are the sons of Adam, did not. They are the sons of Sam son of Noah.

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