Burj Khalifa Tower

The Corporate Suites Lounge

The ultimate business destination for corporate high-flyers, The Corporate Suites open new doors to growth in a central location in one of the world's fastest growing cities. Located on the highest levels of the tower, The Corporate Suites occupy 37 floors, with the top three floors having been merged for a single office.

The entrance lobby is at the Concourse of the tower featuring the Burj Khalifa reception team. In addition to valet parking for guests and visitors, express lifts take visitors directly a lounge lobby at Level 123 that also serves as a meet-and-greet point.

Above the offices, the tower will house four communications floors that will be leased to broadcast and telecom companies.
The Offices

A complement to The Corporate Suites is The Offices, a 12-storey annexure that will have direct access to Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. Parking spaces in The Offices will be offered at the mall and the tower for the convenience of tenants.
Services & Amenities

The innovative technology designed into The Corporate Suites and The Offices gives new meaning to state-of-the-art. Each suite is equipped with the most advanced digital telecommunications services. Dedicated optical fiber links capable of reaching OC-192 provide up to 10 gigabits per second of broadband and multimedia delivery. Cellular service is uninterrupted, even when riding the elevators. The traditional voice circuits are the best in the world. Most important, each floor was intelligently designed to accommodate rapid advances in technology.

Burj Khalifa is protected by a proprietary security system and a team of highly trained security professionals to ensure safety, privacy and peace of mind. A full complement of in-house security supervisors and guards patrol the building interior and exterior round the clock. The latest in security technology limits access to elevators and monitors critical building entry and exit points. This cutting-edge security system fully integrates with each Corporate Suite.

Sky Lobby on 123
Located 123 stories above ground level, the Sky Lobby is the breathtaking entry to the Corporate Suites. The Sky Lobby offers an unparalleled panoramic view and the Corporate Club, a first-class business lounge. Sky Lobby is accessed via a dedicated bank of private elevators reserved for the exclusive use of Corporate Suite tenants and their guests.

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