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Burj Khalifa Tower formerly known as Burj Dubai is the world's tallest building on earth. The height of the Khalifa Burj Tower is a little less than a Killo Meter 828 meter (2717 feet) and it is world's tallest building. The construction of this great building burj tower stated on 21 September 2004. The exterior of the structure completed on 1st October 2009. The building was inaugurated and officially opened on 4th January 2010. The building is part of the 2 sq km flagship development known as Downtown Burj Khalifa at the "First Interchange" along the Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Dubai's main business district.

The opening ceremoney of Burj Khalifa Tower was held on 4th January 2010 in Dubai, UAE. This was the tremendous ceremoney of world's tallest building featured with a display of 10,000 fireworks, light beams projected on and around the khalifa tower, and further the sound, light and water effects was presented. The celebratory lighting of Burj Khalifa Tower was designed by UK lighting designers Speirs and Major. They used the 868 powerful stroboscope lights that were integrated into the facade and spire of the tower, different lighting sequences were choreographed, together with more than 50 different combinations of the other beautiful effects.

The official launch ceremoney of Burj Khalifa Tower began with a short film which depicted the story of Dubai and the evolution of Khalifa Burj. The displays of sound, light, water and fireworks followed.The portion of the show consisting of the different pyrotechnic, lighting, water and sound effects was divided into three parts. The first part of ceremoney was primarily a light and sound show, which took as its theme the link between desert flowers and the new khalifa tower, and it was co-ordinated with the Dubai Fountain and pyrotechnics. The second portion that was called 'Heart Beat', represented the construction of the tower in a dynamic light show with the help of 300 projectors which generated a shadow-like image of the tower. In the third part, sky tracers and space cannons enveloped the tower in a halo of white light, which expanded as the lighting rig on the spire activated.

The ceremony was relayed live on a giant screen on Burj Park Island, as well as several television screens placed across the Downtown Dubai development. Hundreds of media outlets from around the world reported live from the scene. In addition to the media presence, 6,000 guests were expected

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Burj Khalifa The Ultimate Address

Burj Khalifa tower is one the world's most prestigious address, luxury and personalized services offer to a  limited number of privileged business men and homeowners. All aspect of the interiors demonstrates devotion to design, materials and craftmanship. The top quality interiors, apart from the glass, stainless steel and polished stones, the interiors of Burj Khalifa .....................more
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2. Corporate

A tremendous by day and night At the Top provides unparalleled views of Dubai city. It will take to visit At the Top lasts approximately 60 minutes, allowing unforgetable time for you to relax and enjoy the Dubai skyline at your leisure time.... more

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Technical Challenges of Burj Khalifa Tower

The opening ceremony, held 1,325 days after excavation work started, was attended by some 6,000 guests.

  • 95: distance in km at which its spire can be seen
  • 504: rise in metres of its main service lift
  • 57: number of lifts
  • 49: number of office floors
  • 1,044: number of residential apartments
  • 900: length in feet of the fountain at the foot of the tower, the world's tallest performing fountain
  • 28,261: number of glass cladding panels on the exterior of the tower


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